Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our last group to receive in the mission.

We welcomed our last group of new missionaries.  This group was very excited to start their mission.  We wish we could work with them longer.

Our very last group to send home.

It is always sad to send home our missionaries, but this group is leaving with us.  We are all going home.   We hope we will get to see them again some day.

The Bucaramanga zone.

Bucaramanga is our favorite city.   These lucky missionaries get to work in this beautiful town.

Just love these. missionaries

                     Saying Good-bye with a smile.  This will be the last time to work with them.
The Terraza zone

Remembering Sister Martinez.

Sister Martinez painted this for me.  It is the tree that is on the 500 pesos on a coin from Honduras.   Sister Martinez fell and broke her arm in Barrancabermeja.   It doesn´t slow her down. 

The Barrancabermeja zone despedida.

Saying good-bye to Barrancabermeja

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We are going to miss this family.

We have enjoyed having Nidia work for us in our house for the last three years.  We wish we could take her home with us. 

Only in Colombia.

The flowers are so beautiful here in Colombia.  Leaving Bogota the other day, we saw two people on this motorcycle carying three large sprays of flowers.  The lucky people that are going to receive them. 

A visit to Villa de Leyve on it´s 440 year birthday.

We enjoyed watching hundreds of school children participating in the 440 celebration of Villa de Leyve.

We found old bottles in the construction of the walls.

Villa de Leyve is around 500 years old and it is an old Colonial pueblo.  We found this site where one can see how the walls were constructed.  President Hacking wanted one of the old bottles, but didn´t want to go to jail while getting it out, so we left it there.

President Hacking trying on a Boyacense hat.

While in Villa de Leyve, president Hacking tried on a Boyacense hat.  He looks very local to the area now.

An old convent near Villa de Leyve.

Here is a court yard of an old convent that has been restored from its original date of 1612.
The Colombian flag in Villa de Leyve for the 440 birthday celebration.
Cucuta zone Good-bye.
District of Yopal good-bye.
Duitama zone good-bye.

Granada Zone Goodbye

Salitre zone good-bye.
Suba Zone fare well.

Bogota Zone with Elder Benavides.

Elder Benavides is looking for a chocolate, and he thinks there might be one in President Hacking´s pocket.  He was desperate for a chocolate. 

Our Bogota zone good-bye.

Our Bogota zone and office staff.

President and Sister Gamboa.

We enjoyed a lunch with President and Sister Gamboa.  They gave us some special keepsakes of our mission.  They had been mission president in Ecuador. 

Our last tour guiding excursion.

We have enjoyed being tour guides to our other missionary friends.  This was a day at the Paloquemao market.  We have enjoyed seeing Bogota.

A pocket full of roses.

We always enjoy going to the Paloquemao market.  My favorite part is all the flowers.  They are so beautiful.

President Waddel and Nidia.

No President Waddel, second counselor in the area presidency, is not standing on stilts.   He and Nidia, our maid, are posing for a photo.  As one can see, he is very tall and Nidia is short.  He came to thank us and wish us well after the mission.  He is North American.

The charred stare.

We visited the old center of Bogota, and we had an adventure.  This pig was giving us the charred stare.  He looked well done.